Thermal Comfort - Sun Protection to comply with the Regulations

Solaris Tende carries out projects to manage natural and artificial heat sources and obtain an ideal thermal comfort condition able to adapt the internal temperature according to your needs.

Thermal comfort is essential to ensure better standard of efficiency and safety for workers as required by the regulation regarding work environments and those who find themselves designing contemporary spaces must study the aspects that impact the quality of the environment also in this respect. The widespread sensitivity towards the decrease in energy consumption does not allow to attribute the resolution of the problem only to the downsizing of the air conditioning systems, which is why mobile solar protections come into play.

Calculation of energy consumption

The factors to be taken into consideration to achieve good thermal comfort are:

  • air temperature air
  • exchange flow relative
  • humidity level presence of hot surfaces
  • solar energy radiated through the windows
  • number of people present on average


The UNI EN 13363 standard evaluates the joint contribution of the blind and the window to shield the solar radiation and the parameter obtained is "g" or "thermal gain". It is important to evaluate the position of the solar shield: for the same fabric or solar shielding (inner blind or outer blind or both) and glass, the protection factor "g" is better when the awning is placed outside than when the blind is placed inside; in fact, when the blind is placed inside, the energy it absorbs is gradually released by it, heating the air in the room in which it is installed.

Feel and See the Difference with our Fabrics

Soltis LowE fabrics in colored or metallized aluminum with a satin finish chosen by Solaris Tende for thermal well-being are lightweight, durable and 100% recyclable, suitable for interior blinds, verandas and skylights and facades

The LowE treatment reduces the need for air conditioning thanks to the screens by up to 40%, contributing to the visibility towards the outside and providing the right natural light without glare.

PMV: Predicted Mean VotePMV: Predicted Mean Vote
Thermal Comfort parametersThermal Comfort parameters
"G" value and position of the blind

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