Fencing and Acoustically Improves environments with Solaris Tende 

Textile Partition Foldable represent the best dividing solution for open space furnishing in both private and public spaces and Solaris Tende also designs large, efficient and elegant creations by relying on Flexiwall

Flexiwall is a dividing textile foldable with motorized control and automatic safety systems that flexibly and aesthetically descends from the ceiling to the floor allowing a division of the rooms optically and acoustically. The textile partition foldable is made to measure according to the requests and with different self-extinguishing fabrics that can be sound absorbing or sound insulating.

The large Oval Textile Partition Foldable and Luiss hall

Our experience has led us to create works of important dimensions such as the textile division for the "Oval" sports hall, created to host the speed skating competitions of the XX Winter Olympics in Turin 2006. Solaris Tende's textile partition foldable have a total length of 90 meters, each with a width of 30 meters and a height of 20 meters

In the photo you can see the comparison with the size of a person.

Oval Turin Italy, Textile wallOval Turin Italy, Textile wall

The conference room of the Luiss University in Rome also hosts one of our projects: to guarantee the versatility of the interior we have created a Flexiwall double-sheet folding curtain with sound-absorbing fabric in the stalls with a value of 0.65 AW. 

In this way, the simultaneous use of the space for multiple events was made possible, allowing the autonomous management of conferences, classroom lectures and various types of social, cultural and artistic events.

Textile partition Luiss University RomeTextile partition Luiss University Rome

Where can our Partition Walls be used?

FlexiWall functionality is suitable for large spaces that require maximum use of space and at the same time need better acoustics: offices, showroom, multipurpose rooms, training centers, gyms, exhibition spaces, schools.


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