Change the Skin of your Building with our Textile Facades

Solaris Tende creates tailor-made textile facade solutions according to the customer's needs to give a new look to any building, new or renovated, adapted to the architecture.

The textile facades are nets with different degrees of opening made with fiberglass and silicone or polyester / PVC fabrics guaranteed for 10 years. Thanks to the preferred customization, they are able to transfer the business concept becoming a real means of communication.

Textile printed facadesTextile printed facades
Textile material detailTextile material detail

Customize for maximum Communication

To increase visibility in commercial terms, in fact, the textile surfaces for the facade can be enriched with digital prints and LED lighting, including RGB, which allow you to change color tones.

In addition to the aesthetic factor of great impact through an evident renovation of the architecture, the textile solutions reduce solar radiation and protect the facade by extending the life of the external insulation. Professionals study the project also watching the behavior of the membrane subjected to wind pressure and guarantee stability even in extreme conditions.

Gotha Cosmetics' textile facade illuminationGotha Cosmetics' textile facade illumination
Gotha Cosmetics' led illuminationGotha Cosmetics' led illumination
Gotha Cosmetics' led textile facadeGotha Cosmetics' led textile facade

Examples of our creations are the textile facade of the Gotha Cosmetics building in Lallio (BG), one of the most dynamic B2B manufacturers in the field of color cosmetics and partner of innovative beauty brands, and Pianos Hanlet in Parigi, a great historic manufacturer of pianos, with a solution of 800sqm that graphically expresses its business.

Pianos HanletPianos Hanlet

The textile facades, which are the result of recent and sustainable architecture and act as a second skin, help to change the appearance in an economical and rapid way but without neglecting the importance of detail and the choice of all the materials to obtain an impeccable result.

Our company takes care of the customer's ideas down to the smallest detail and offers fabrics with excellent performance in terms of durability and resistance to atmospheric agents; the fabric materials can be hooked to the facade after creating frames with a system of aluminum profiles, or they can be mounted and tensioned on site.

Detail of the intermediate profileDetail of the intermediate profile
Detail of perimetrical profileDetail of perimetrical profile

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