Motorized Venetian Blinds: the minimalist style that creates thermal and luminous comfort with a gesture

The venetian blind is a solar shading with a minimalist style and high functionality, used above all in working environments and capable of controlling solar radiation and reducing the thermal load, guaranteeing thermal and lighting comfort. The range of colors of the venetian blinds is really wide and goes from standard and pastel colors to the more particular fluo and metallic effects, moreover the customer has the possibility to choose aluminum, microperforated aluminum and wood slats

Usually private individuals and buildings that want to recreate a refined and welcoming style opt for wooden slats, while venetian blinds with aluminum slats are the most used thanks also to the ease of maintenance; in recent years, particularly suitable for rooms used as offices, and therefore populated by workers who remain with their gaze fixed on the PC for hours, are the micro-perforated aluminum slats. In fact, unlike the full standard lamella, the micro-perforated one allows the light to be filtered from the outside in a more homogeneous way without recreating the unwelcome effect of lines on the computer video

At the discretion of the customer also the possibility of making motorized venetian blinds or keeping them manual. Motorized venetian blinds clearly offer that extra convenience compared to manual control by facilitating opening and closing via sensors and are undoubtedly perfect for the management of large surfaces that require the installation of various solar screens of this type.


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