Outdoor Roller blinds: the architectural element that protects from the sun with elegance

Over the years, roller blinds have become a real architectural element that elegantly manages to protect buildings from the sun both with indoor and outdoor installation for a harmonious and at the same time creative result if they are chosen bold colors.

This type of solar shading varies according to the type of guide, box and degree of sun filtering and plays an important role in reducing energy consumption. The modern and essential design makes roller blinds suitable for any building and adaptable to many projects.

With our complete system of boxes and mechanisms and fabrics for new Line Outdoor roller blinds, the fabric is collected on an aluminum roller available in different diameters depending on the size of the awning and the control system; the whole mechanism and the cloth, once collected, are housed inside an aluminum box which can have a rounded or square shape. The motors can be manual - chain, chain with servo spring, semi-automatic with chain for descent and spring for ascent, with crank operating on a winch, etc ... - or motorized - tubular with direct current typically 24 volts or alternating current 230 or 110 volts. In both cases the systems can be controlled by wireless switches or by intelligent or automatic systems.

Explanatory of the great customization and harmony is the project for the Il Sole 24ore building in Via Monte Rosa in Milan, one of Renzo Piano's most important works. The vertical blinds installed, of a bright green color, are highly impactful.


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