Lightness and Acoustic Performance for Sound-Absorbing Textile Panels

Solaris Tende deals with the construction of sound-absorbing panels with materials that allow correct sound management and therefore good acoustic comfort without sacrificing elegance and design.

After a careful analysis of the reverberation times, the expert understands the suitable quantity and then leaves the customer the choice of the wide range of fabrics to give a captivating look to the environment. In fact, even with the sound-absorbing panels it is possible to obtain a marked customization in terms of aesthetics and not simply of comfort, cleaning the rooms from reverberation for more pleasant acoustics.

Sound absorbing panels are useful in all spaces that involve sound reverberation, for example:

  • restaurants
  • offices
  • canteens
  • gyms and sports halls
  • conference rooms and music rooms


The fabrics proposed by Solaris Tende combine innovative acoustic absorption performance up to 65%, while at the same time giving a natural textile appearance. They are suitable for both internal and external realizations and therefore can also be used for the design of curtains, suspended sheets, ceilings, stretch walls and curtains.

Textile acoustic panel with Slim profileTextile acoustic panel with Slim profile
Textile acoustic panel with profile Q25Textile acoustic panel with profile Q25

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