Facade Awnings: enjoy the outdoor space in style

The facade awnings ensure beauty to the external environments and privacy without losing stability even in the presence of sustained breezes, reinventing the facade in an intelligent way. This type of blinds in fact controls the brightness through sensors and by covering the windows it is able to avoid overheating of the glass and consequently that of the interiors due to solar radiation. The micro-perforated fabrics allow the façade to breathe while maintaining excellent visibility inside the spaces, also for this reason they represent one of the ideal choices for many private and public spaces such as offices

Furthermore, for many architects the decision to install facade awnings has become a signature, for example Renzo Piano has increasingly made it become a distinctive element of his works. 

At the discretion of the customer whether to have the awnings with cassette designed and built, which become flat brands, or to insert them entirely in the architecture, to make them disappear once collected. The perfect tensioning of the sheets of the latest generation awnings offer performance in any weather condition and a pleasantness to the eye that is not indifferent, especially if you opt for bold colors.


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