Outdoor Blinds: Comfort and insulation from rain and sun

Our horizontal outdoor blinds represent relevant modern architectural components and make sun and rain protection possible. They can be self-supporting or are installed on structures, both equipped with glass and permeable and for this type of solar shading Solaris Tende uses technical fabrics that guarantee great tensile strength - pre-contraint system - or systems of adjustable aluminum slats, which are designed as sunscreen or airtight. The extruded aluminum slats are fixed on a rack that adjusts the orientation and closure.

Top Garden: Awning for Skylights

The horizontal external blinds are particularly suitable for making the environments placed under large skylights pleasant, as with aesthetic pleasure they solve the problem of the continuous presence of the sun for many hours and therefore of the consequent rise of the thermometer due to overheating. Surely the solar gain becomes important in terms of energy saving but we must not forget that sometimes the environments exposed to a lot of light become not very liveable due to the poor thermal comfort. The external blinds therefore, with their customization in fantasy, colors and sizes, safeguard the fixtures and isolate the spaces, letting natural light filter and sheltering from the heat as well as from the cold. In fact, thermal insulation also concerns the winter months and low temperatures, not only summer and sultry heat, and the curtains perform the double function.

Top Garden is an awning system for skylights or horizontally or sloped glazed roofs with a mechanism that includes a single roller with box, aluminum side guides and tensioning system inside the terminal. Top Garden has a 230 volt motor with switch or wireless and can be connected to sun and temperature sensors for automatic operation. The awning is generally filtering or can use a blackout fabric and is considered a relevant component of modern architecture.

Piramidal skylight with retractable sun shadingPiramidal skylight with retractable sun shading
Triangular shape skylight blindsTriangular shape skylight blinds
Awning with lateral guidesAwning with lateral guides
Sun shading with tiltable slatsSun shading with tiltable slats
Top Horizon motorized blindsTop Horizon motorized blinds

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