New Line Blackout Roller Blinds

New Line Blackout is a system of boxes, mechanisms and fabrics for blackout roller blinds ideal for guaranteeing privacy, making rooms perfect for projections and TVs and perfecting thermal insulation

The cloth is collected on an aluminum roller available in different diameters depending on the size of the awning and the control system, the whole mechanism and the cloth once collected are housed inside an aluminum box which can have a rounded or square shape. 

The control systems can be manual or motorized and, according to the type of control preferred, a range of subsequent options opens up. The classic manual controls are in fact chain, chain with servo spring, semi-automatic with the chain for the descent and spring for the ascent, a crank that acts on a winch, and the crank itself can be placed inside or operate the curtain, through a special deviation that reaches the box outside, etc ... while for the most modern motorized controls tubular motors with direct current typically 24 volts or alternating current 230 or 110 volts can be used both systems can be controlled by switches or wireless or via intelligent or automatic systems. All the mechanisms have a terminal that is guided by an aluminum guide inside which the cloth runs. 

Fabrics are offered in a range that covers all needs: 

  • residential 
  • tertiary 
  • industry

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