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Nowadays home automation - or building automation - is essential for both large and small systems and more and more people are choosing internal and external blinds equipped with intelligent systems to control them automatically. Home automation is the science that deals with the automation of the functions of a building - generally for use other than residential, such as a public or commercial structure, a school, a hotel - and it is essential for achieving significant energy efficiency results allowing to increase the comfort of those who live or work inside the structures by facilitating the commands and creating complexes (called scenarios). Solaris Tende also applies building automation to its projects: brightness, temperature and anemometric sensors to measure wind speed send signals to intelligent systems which in turn command the opening or closing of the blinds and the orientation of the slats for the sunshades. The simpler systems are able to group the control of the blinds by room and by facade with simple localized interfaces, while the most advanced systems are based on Bus line systems with advanced communication protocols such as EIB, LON, KNX, Z-Wave and programmable controls via software from PC terminals.

Remote control mono o multi channelRemote control mono o multi channel
Light and wind sensorLight and wind sensor

Tents equipped with RTS Radio Systems - Sensors and Remote Controls

Radio systems have had a great development due to their convenience, given by being able to manage blinds wirelessly and by simplifying the electrical connection systems of the blind motors. RTS technology motors are in fact simply powered at 230 volts, 110 volts or 24 volts without the need to lay control lines.

The most advanced remote controls have the ability to control different areas of the building and centralize the command of all the blinds of a structure or floor, while others allow sensitive control of the orientation of the slats of Venetian blinds and sunshades to maximize luminous and thermal comfort.

Please note that for non-residential buildings the regulatory obligations are dictated by the D.M. June 26, 2015 which prescribes the minimum requirements on the building automation class, while the D.L. 63/2013 on almost zero energy buildings - nZEB. Among the technical standards of reference we find the Guides CEI 306-2, 64-100 / 1, 64-100 / 2 and 64-100 / 3 and the UNI EN 15232 standard.

Remote control with LCD screenRemote control with LCD screen

One of our experts will advise you on the blinds that can be integrated with home automation systems most suitable for your building and your daily needs, choosing the details with you for greater functionality.


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