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The climatic variety, the location of the building and the performance to be obtained make the concept of Comfort an essential variable in architecture and building design

In order to get the best performances from the environment in which you live or work, it is important to set up a good lighting. The quality of our well-being and our health in an internal space are in fact closely related to the idealization and implementation of certain precautions that guarantee to enjoy the best performance of the space itself.

To obtain them we at Solaris Tende evaluate the following fundamental points:

  • Luminous Comfort we bring solutions in case of excess glare and shadow and facilitate optimal situations of brightness according to the flow generated by natural and artificial sources, without neglecting the level of brightness on the surfaces
  • Thermal comfort we analyze the spaces to obtain the ideal energy balance based on the building's ability to accumulate and retain heat, we study the shape and distribution of the internal environments that determine the speed of movement of the air masses and therefore ventilation the replacement, we identify the need for heat based on the climate and use
  • Acoustic Comfort we propose projects to modify the reverberation inside the rooms, especially in the very large ones where the noises propagate with extreme ease both due to internal and external ovens, to ensure a comfortable livability and coexistence of several events at the same time
  • Home automation we make life easier with intelligent RTS radio systems, sensors and remote controls, because convenience linked to functionality is never enough, especially for significant energy efficiency results
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Light comfort

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Thermal comfort

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Energy saving


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